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Your Chartering and Brokering Partner in Global Shipping.

Bhavani Group has earned a distinguished reputation for delivering impeccable Vessel Chartering Services, catering to a diverse range of cargo types, be it liquid or dry, and connecting destinations across the world from Indian Ports.

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Chartering and Brokering services

Bhavani Group has solidified its place as a reputable provider of impeccable Vessel Chartering Services, adeptly managing a wide spectrum of cargo types whether liquid or dry and establishing pivotal global connections originating from Indian Ports.

Our commitment transcends the traditional scope of vessel procurement. We take immense pride in offering an all-encompassing door-to-door chartering experience, ensuring clients experience a seamless journey from the initial vessel selection process to overseeing operations at the discharge port. Our unwavering dedication to pinpointing the most suitable vessel, coupled with our steadfast commitment to surpassing client expectations in both operational efficiency and commercial viability, firmly establishes our credibility within the industry.

Specializing in chartering tonnage for unconventional routes that are typically overlooked by liner-service companies, we expertly handle cargo that might not conform to the standard transportation methods used by liner vessels. Whether it's a requirement for part-charter or full-charter services, Bhavani Group emerges as the quintessential partner for all your chartering needs. Count on us to navigate complexities, ensuring the most efficient, reliable, and secure transportation solutions available. Our commitment to delivering flawless chartering services makes us the preferred choice, seamlessly connecting global destinations through our operations in Indian Ports.





Risk Management

Our services include thorough risk assessment and management, aiding clients in navigating potential challenges and mitigating risks associated with chartering and brokering activities.

Cargo Handling Supervision

Our chartering services meticulously supervise the loading and unloading of cargo, ensuring secure and safe stowing while maintaining compliance with relevant regulations.

Negotiation and Contract Management

Our services expertly manage the negotiation of charter party agreements and contracts, fostering collaboration between cargo owners, carriers, and other relevant parties.

Wide Network

Our chartering and brokering services boast a vast network within the shipping industry, guaranteeing access to a diverse range of vessels, routes, and invaluable market information.



Our Chartering and Brokering division arranges the chartering of vessels for cargo transportation and serves as intermediaries between cargo owners and carriers, offering tailored logistics solutions.

We work closely with shipowners and operators to identify the ideal vessel for each cargo type, considering factors such as cargo requirements and capacity.

We strategically plan shipping routes to optimize cargo movement, considering cargo type, cost-efficiency, and timely delivery.

Yes, our services are adaptable to various cargo types, including oversized, heavy, or unconventional shipments.

We handle the negotiation of charter party agreements and contracts between cargo owners, carriers, and relevant parties, ensuring smooth operations.

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