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Elevating Maritime Excellence with Expert Stevedoring Services.

Bhavani Group excels in the crucial task of stevedoring, encompassing the efficient loading and unloading of cargoes on ships.

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Bhavani Group excels in the crucial task of stevedoring, encompassing the efficient loading and unloading of cargoes on ships. Our services extend beyond the vessel to encompass various dockside functions, ensuring a comprehensive cargo management solution.

Our comprehensive approach includes cargo planning, cargo control, project estimates, supercargo assistance, lashing, securing, and warehousing, all of which are integral to the smooth and secure handling of cargo. We take pride in utilizing the most modern processing equipment available, guaranteeing precise, efficient, and seamless cargo operations.

Safety and quality are non-negotiable principles for us. You can trust Bhavani Group to handle your cargo with the utmost care and expertise, knowing that your valuable shipments are in safe hands. Our commitment to excellence in cargo handling ensures that your cargo experiences a smooth and secure transition from land to sea, facilitating efficient and reliable maritime logistics. Choose Bhavani Group for steadfast stevedoring services that prioritize the safety and integrity of your cargo.





Customs Compliance
Customs Compliance

Our stevedores guarantee the proper handling of cargo in accordance with customs and regulatory requirements, addressing documentation and inspections to ensure seamless compliance.

Safety and Quality
Safety and Quality

Our stevedoring services prioritize safety and quality, implementing measures to protect cargo, ensure industry standard compliance, and facilitate efficient handling and movement.

Heavy Equipment
Heavy Equipment

Our stevedores employ heavy equipment, including cranes and forklifts, for the effective handling of cargo. They possess expertise in safely and efficiently operating these machines.

Customized Services
Customized Services

Our stevedoring services are customizable to cater to the unique needs of various cargo types, including bulk, containerized, or break-bulk shipments. This ensures efficient and secure handling for each specific type of cargo.



Our Stevedoring services are responsible for the efficient loading and unloading of cargo onto and from ships, ensuring safe and organized cargo handling.

Our services encompass various dockside functions, including cargo planning, coordination of port operations, cargo control, project estimates, supercargo assistance, and lashing and securing.

Cargo planning ensures efficient cargo loading and unloading, while supercargo assistance provides expert guidance to oversee cargo handling and stowage.

We have the most modern processing equipment available to ensure precise, efficient, and smooth cargo handling, maintaining the cargo's condition during transit.

Safety and quality are paramount in our Stevedoring services. We never compromise on safety and quality, ensuring that cargo is in safe hands.

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