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Sailing through deep waters, Mr. Jeekshith Shetty became the ‘Managing Director’ of Bhavani Group.

Sailing through deep waters, Mr. Jeekshith Shetty became the ‘Managing Director’ of Bhavani Group.

Bhavani Group started off as a small business in Mumbai and now they have extended their operations to 35 locations across the world, providing the best logistics and shipping solutions in the industry with a robust structure and expansive trailer fleet. Bhavani shipping is thriving in the competitive logistics domain. Bhavani Group majorly concentrates on providing end-to-end logistic services that cater to the specific requirements of its premier clients. Which diversifies into the operation of a total number of eight empty container depots, provides NVOCC services, owns an inventory of more than 3000 ISO containers, supporting the unprivileged via Bhavani Foundation, and provides a plethora of container logistics along with value-added services.

Sailing through deep waters gave him a unique edge in understanding the shipping world. We are talking about a young, dynamic leader with an aim of changing the shipping world for good. Mr. Jeekshith Shetty being a quite qualified and knowledgeable person in the logistics industry willingly treats everyone with respect and equality. His interest in understanding the basics of the business has helped in leading the Group to great heights.

A fascination for the merchant navy led him to become a sailor. His 5 years’ stint has taken him places and provided in-depth knowledge of both, shore and off-shore operations. Having Mr. Shetty at the helm of affairs has helped logistics enterprises to embrace technology rapidly in all their business processes and expand into different service verticals within the shipping and logistics domain.

Back when Mr. Shetty was a young dreamer, his source of motivation was his visits to JNPT, where his father Mr. K D Shetty handled the operations. The fascination for Captain’s uniform and their work ethic, motivated him to pursue a career in Merchant Navy and thus began his journey in the ports. His constant drive to want to do better, his dedication, and his hard work made Mr. Jeekshith Shetty the ‘Managing Director’ of Bhavani Group, having ambitious goals, Mr. Shetty has backed them up with an unmatched determination and a strong work ethic.

He started his career in 2005, trained in Vel’s Academy of Maritime Studies, Chennai, and followed by a certification of Higher National Diploma in Nautical Science from Glasgow University, Scotland. In the year 2008, he joined ASP Ship Management to start his sea training as a deck cadet for 2 years. In the year 2010, he completed his Certificate of Competency in Merchant Navy. Later on, he went on to work on Bulk carriers followed by Oil / Chemical Tankers of different nationalities up to the rank of 2nd Officer. Which overall gave him a unique edge in understanding both sides of the Shipping world.

After his experience and tremendous efforts of 5 years in sailing, he finally joined The Bhavani Group. Mr. Shetty has a sense of accomplishment starting from the grass-roots level of the company, he quotes, “Nothing worth having comes easy. There are no secrets to success, it is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

That’s how he eventually rose to the position where he stands right now, to take control of the day-to-day activities. He has been a great support system to his Father, who is his mentor too, and Mr. K D Shetty, the Founder of Bhavani Group.

In a short span of over 10 years, he inculcated all the leadership qualities, ‘Multitasking’ being the prominent one. His key strengths being the logical thought process, with problem-solving capabilities, are impeccable. He handles both the branches at a high professional level, across India & Overseas also, along with a detailed logistics experience including Empty Container Depot, Transport, Liner Agency, NVOCC, Chartering & Bulk vessel operation, LCL consolidation, International Freight Forwarding, (Air & Sea), etc.

Mr. Jeekshith Shetty believes customer content has to be the main preference. He makes sure that his involvement in any key area of logistic operations should be for hassle-free shipping. His broad learning in shipping, routing, and freight management re-assures the customers with his splendid quality logistics solutions. His dynamic approach towards The Bhavani Group has served the group to expand Pan India across the Globe. Mr. Jeekshith Shetty is truly an inspiration for all the youth out there, who paved his way out to build his dream, with true elation and effort.

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