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A helping hand for Adivasi School.

A helping hand for Adivasi School.

A helping hand for Adivasi School.

If you give someone food, it will only last for a day. If you give someone alms, it may last for a month. However, if you educate someone, it will last for a lifetime. Being equipped with a proper school is essential for academic success. For many children in certain Adivasi areas, education has taken a back seat due to neglect & improper construction of school property.  That’s when Bhavani Foundation pitched in and decided to build an entire school premise.

It has been noticed that the schools in remote areas have always been neglected and are a huge mess. Due to which students are deprived of education. ”Such schools need a helping hand & because of our assistance if somebody is getting benefitted we are always there to help” quoted Mr. K D Shetty, President of Bhavani Foundation. Due to financial problems, the schools were not renovated & also were non-operating and that is when ”Bhavani Foundation” came in and lend a helping hand to the 2 remote Adivasi schools in the district of Khalapur.

Khalapur district has 2 Adivasi Padas namely Bhilvale & Thakurwad which were located in the remote interior areas. These schools were neglected, the roof was leaking, entrance door had a crack because of which stray animals would easily enter into the premises to take shelter. The authorities of the school approached Bhavani Foundation to aid the renovation work. Bhavani Foundation did not just stop with that, they provided complete assistance in the renovation work of the schools. The total expenditure touched around 10 lac Rupees, that too without the assistance of any contractor & with just the help of ”Bhavani Foundation”. The villagers themselves took the initiative of repairing the schools, the renovation work was thus completed on 25th Jan 2017 & on 26th Jan 2017 the school was inaugurated.

Bhavani foundation desires to serve schools and especially those Adivasi children whose families are unable to afford it. Bhavani foundation knows how the sight of a  newly reformed school might spark a child’s excitement. So we tend to extend these tokens of joy to hundreds of poor children & inspire them as they gear up for another year of learning.

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