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Bhavani Foundation helping the poor with the second wave of hunger.

Bhavani Foundation helping the poor with the second wave of hunger.

Bhavani Foundation helping the poor with the second wave of hunger.

Everything these days has become digital due to the “lockdown” effect. Hence the demand for social media has simultaneously increased, so we as “Bhavani Foundation” decided to start our social media accounts on various platforms to extend our support to all the people who are in need and can reach directly to us to get any help.

A few days ago we received a request on Instagram Messenger for a food donation for the people who work at the local construction as they had a shortage of food due to lack of money as of the severe hit of the 2nd COVID-19 wave. Mr. Shashi Singh was kind enough to approach us and willingly wanted to help those hard workers in need. He briefed us about the difficult situation faced by those families (more than a count of 20). They all reside in the Santacruz Vakola slum area, he also shared their Adharcards as proof and then requested aid from Bhavani Foundation.

As soon as this news reached Shri Jeekshith Shetty the President, he immediately without any hesitation suggested helping those people in need and Shri Naveen Shetty arranged for the grocery packets as soon as possible. The Grocery distribution took place on the 14th of June at Chirekhan Nagar Ramabai wadi, Santacruz East. We an entire team of Bhavani Foundation successfully managed to help about 25 families with a count of 7 members, who were whole heartily thankful to President Jeekshith Shetty, Shri Naveen Shetty, and the entire team of Bhavani Foundation for providing them with basics and curb their misery away.

Bhavani Foundation always aims to stand as an example for humanity, help the people in need during their hard times and help them face circumstances by standing right behind them like a guardian angel. As there is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down, lifting innocent and hardworking people.

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