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A helping hand to success.

A helping hand to success.

A helping hand to success.

I have always been a man of dreams. I am a trailer driver for Bhavani Group and have been a part of the Bhavani family for about 10 years now. I am the whole and sole bread earner in my family, that is why I want my kids to have everything possible, that I couldn’t ever have. May it be proper meals, education, or job. Hence I give my fullest at work. At Bhavani Group they make us feel at home as Bhavani Foundation believes in transforming the lives of children and their families by doing the least for the whole community.

I always make sure to work hard so that my kids can live a happy life. Despite our not-so-favorable conditions, my kids never gave up on studying, they were not only hard-working but also got good grades their entire school life. Their passion and diligence over education were commendable, due to which I never fell short in providing them with the best. Soon my son Saurabh Prashad was going to pass his 10th grade, he was was an academically smart student. Despite the struggles, he had a dream of becoming an engineer and wanted to undergo further studies to reach his goal.

I was extremely proud of his decision, but I had a dilemma about how I would pay for his fees. I was helpless because I willingly wanted my son’s dream to come true, that is when the word spread in our workplace, the officials of Bhavani Foundation thought of lending a helping hand, it was like “Doobte ko tinke ka sahara”. They saw how eager my son was to reach his goals. They not only helped in providing him with the necessities along with all the basics like books, stationery items, etc for his entire three years of Engineering schooling but also the funding for the fees for his entire engineering college degree admissions. 

Despite all the circumstances, these three years of engineering went very much smoothly for him because of the much-needed help we got from Bhavani Foundation. They saw how desperate I was to fulfill my son’s dream as a father. Soon after; my son Saurabh Prashad passed with flying colors as an Engineering student.

Bhavani Foundation isn’t a non-profitable NGO, all the funds come from the pockets of each of our salaries. Bhavani Foundation looks forward to contributing to the community and looking over their very own employees; helping them in every way possible along with catalyzing sustainable development wherever needed. Along with striving for and by giving a helping hand for a bright future. My son and I are always going to be thankful to Bhavani Foundation for lending out a helping hand.

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